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Chess Addition Puzzle

Using simple addition and subtraction, learn the values of each of the pieces!

Solution for Additon puzzle

Pawn: 1 point

Knight: 3 points

Bishop: 3 points

Rook: 5 points

Queen: 9 points



Chess Crosswords

This fun crossword is filled in using chess words that we have learnt in class!

Solution for crosswords

Chess Sudoku

This puzzle is a bit trickier! Each 2×2 marked out by the bold lines must contain each of the pieces once (a white knight and rook, and a black bishop and rook), however, there’s a catch! Each piece cannot be in the attacking range of the same piece (of the same colour). 

Solution for sudoku

Anti-knight Sudoku

This very tricky Sudoku follows the normal rules of Sudoku: each row, column, and 3×3 square must contain the numbers 1-9. But there’s a chess twist to it! Numbers cannot be a knight’s move away from the same number! Think very carefully!

What Chess Piece Describes Your Chess Game?

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