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School Chess Classes

Classes typically run weekly throughout the term for 50 minutes, either before school, at lunch time, or after school.

We also offer a full-day chess incursion, which is a popular option for schools who would like to provide all students with a ‘taster’ of chess. We can also integrate chess lessons into the school curriculum, or provide specialised small-group coaching for students preparing for a particular tournament

Yes, all of our coaches have an up-to-date WWCC. In addition, our coaches are well-versed in Child Safe policies, OH&S, and are aware and responsible individuals.


Individual Coaching

As a general rule, we recommend a 45-minute weekly class for children under the age of 9, and 1-hour weekly class for children aged 9+.

Some of our coaches work from their home, some will visit you, and some coach at third party locations.

We also offer sessions via the Internet, which is most suitable for advanced players or those who live outside of Melbourne.

Private coaching offers the chance for an individually tailored learning program, with students showing quicker improvement compared to only attending group coaching.

A paper by Dr Peter Dauvergne of the University of Sydney suggests that playing and studying chess can raise IQ scores, strengthen problem solving skills, foster creative thinking, and enhance abilities at reading, memory, spoken language and mathematics. Click here to view Dr Dauvergne’s paper.

There’s absolutely no commitment to continue, you can try out chess sessions to see if it is a good fit, and discontinue the lessons at any time.

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