2020 Term 4 Chess

2020 Term 4 Chess

Dark Horse Chess invites students to participate in Term 4 online chess classes, commencing on Monday 19th October concluding the week of the Monday 7th December (eight weeks).

Our coaches will be conducting ALL Term 4 school classes using Zoom (meeting platform) and ChessKid (playing platform). Classes will run for 45 minutes from 4:15 pm on weekdays (class day will depend on the child’s playing level). For more information on online classes, visit our Online Coaching page.

During Term 4, we will be offering classes for primary school children of all playing abilities throughout the week:

  • Monday: Queens (advanced)
  • Tuesday: Rooks (intermediate)
  • Thursday: Knights (beginner)

For our Master Class, please contact us!


  • Complimentary first lesson for those who have not yet participated in our online classes
  • $12 per lesson (total: 8 lessons x $12 = $96)

If you have not yet received a free online lesson, you may sign up for a free trial before registering for the whole term!


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Knights group (Thursdays):
Suitable for students consolidating their foundations in chess. The lessons in this stream are targeted towards familiarising students with the pieces and the basic rules of chess.

Rooks group (Tuesdays):
Suitable for students who can comfortably play a game of chess, and understand (and can successfully execute) checkmate. The lessons in this stream are geared towards helping the children develop tactical and strategic play, and encouraging them to think about their moves past the surface level.

Queens group (Mondays):
Suitable for students who are confident in checkmating and finding tactics such as forks, pins, and discovered attacks while playing their games. This stream teaches advanced tactics and the method of play in trickier endgames.

No. If you have not yet participated in our online chess program, you may sign up to a free trial lesson before paying for the rest of the term!

Information on how to join our online class will be sent via email once your registration is received.

For privacy reasons, we do not ask for children to have their cameras on, however, our coaches will have their cameras on, and you are likewise very welcome to, should you be comfortable with it. For more information on our online coaching platform, visit our Online Coaching page.